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Phantom Gourmet

“An all-time Phantom favorite for classic New England cooking, Maine Diner is offering takeout and now shipping their famous lobster pie, seafood chowder, and fresh-baked desserts all over the country!” Read the full article on Phantom Gourmet Watch the videos below!

Counter Culture

The Magnificent Seven didn’t have a thing on the Brotherhood of the Maine Diner.  Maybe the once upon a time strangers have not been hired to protect a small village from marauding bandits, but chances are they would be up for it. These seven men, as different as can be, Read more…

Six Million Served

Who would ever think of car trouble as lucky? For Clyde Curry, his wife Jane and a few friends, that twenty minutes wait by the side of the road would prove to be very serendipitous. On their drive up from Dover, New Hampshire to the Maine Diner that morning, the Read more…