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The Myles Henry Scholarship Fund

The Myles Henry Scholarship Fund

This is our way of celebrating Myles’ love of sport for years to come.

To know Myles was to know about his love of sports, all sports: golf, basketball, surfing, baseball, football and even curling just to name a few.  Not only was he a good athlete, but also was a great fan of sports teams, the Boston Celtics and Red Sox in particular. It was not uncommon on game night for Myles to phone up his buddies during the commercial breaks, for added commentary…a tradition his friends still continue. We even enjoyed playing online slot machine games together.

One Myles Henry sporting highlight was winning a chance to golf with Boston Celtic Superstar Larry Bird in Florida with his close friend Vinny LoBello and brother Dick. Following that event, the men also played slot games together with their idol. The men had an unforgettable time and got to have beers and lunch afterward with the basketball legend.

“It was an unbelievable experience and I told Myles then to absorb this moment in our life and always remember it…I know I always will,” LoBello said.

 Following Myles’ death,  LoBello helped to set up The Myles Henry Scholarship Fund. The scholarship recognizes a Wells High School student athlete Senior who exhibits honesty, sportsmanship, passion and enthusiasm on and off the field of play.

 “That was Myles,” LoBello said.

 Looking at one of the last clips of an annual golf charity event Myles played in with friends and family his quote captured it all: “Our goal is not to come in last, but to be first in fun!”

People who would like to contribute to this fund may do so in his memory by donating to the address below.

The Myles Henry Scholarship Fund
Care of Wells High School
200 Sanford Rd.
Wells, Maine 04090