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Apprenticeship Program

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Maine Diner Apprenticeship Program

Jim MacNeill Maine Diner Owner/Operator

Karen MacNeill Brand/Marketing Manager, Apprenticeship Coordinator

Proudly working in conjunction with York County Community College in Wells, Maine and a registered Apprenticeship program with the Maine Department of Labor.

One of the primary goals of any individual is to secure a job when they graduate, be that from high school, trade school, community college or university. An apprenticeship experience at the Maine Diner will help you develop a realistic picture of the hospitality industry, apply your knowledge base established in the classroom, and improve your competency in the job market.

Upon graduation, some students aspire to obtain a management role in the hospitality industry. In management, you must be able to direct and lead employees working in hourly and supervisory positions. Having work experience will allow you to learn what these jobs entail and what skills are needed to perform them. You will also learn about the day-to-day operations of the Maine Diner, as well as how it is organized and managed.

Employers will seek to hire individuals with significant work experience to become managers for their businesses. An apprenticeship at the Maine Diner will strengthen your skill set and help you to develop your problem solving and leadership skills, which is just what recruiters are looking for. The more experience you have the stronger a candidate you will be. Ultimately, the Maine Diner would want you to stay in our employ after your apprenticeship is complete. However, if for whatever reason that does not happen, having been through the Maine Diner Apprenticeship program will make you a strong candidate for your next venture.

Your classroom work will present real life questions about your work and your work will present questions relative to your classroom work. There is no perfect manual. An apprenticeship at the Maine Diner will help you understand information presented in the classroom and let you apply what you have learned in a real-world setting. Both are needed to be a successful worker and manager in the hospitality industry.

Want to Apply?

If you are interested in employment and/or a paid apprenticeship at the MD, please print this PDF, fill it out and take it to the MD if you are local. If not, mail to Maine Diner ATTN: Karen MacNeill 2265 Post Road Wells, ME 04090